Sinosia, was founded in 1996 as a marketing & trading company, specializing in Engineering & Chemical products, Incl. fiberglass Reinforcement Products.

In 2005, we conclude a Fiberglass Exclusive Agency business to become a Joint Venture co., for which: –

  • Jushi Group (China) and Sinosia became Jushi Group (SA) Sinosia Composite Materials Company (Pty) Ltd.

In 2007, We further transform the JV company, Jushi Group (SA) Sinosia, from Marketing & trading business to a Manufacturing plant, be the 1st Jushi overseas CSM Manufacturing plant, established in Cape Town, South Africa.

We have endeavored to steadily expand our scope of business. At the same time, we manage effectively our long-term relationships with global customers. Our market shares are growing, along with Our growing Company image and products with Customers’ confidence. We are determined to grow faster, together with Customers and Manufacturers for high-growth prospects, along with Our teamwork resources.